Sent: 11/27/14 12:24 am
To: info@make-a-patch.com
Hi Lynn,
Just wanted to let you know that the patches came in the mail today, and the look fantastic, really pleased with the way they turned out.
Thank you very much, when I want to get more patches of any kind made up, I will definitely use you guys again.
Phil Y.

To: Make-A-Patch
My patch arrived today I love it! thank you!

To: info@make-a-patch.com
I received the Patch and love them, will contact you when I am ready to order some more thank you.

Sent: 11/23/14 4:43 pm
To: info@make-a-patch.com
Got the patches. PERFECT. Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving,

Sent: 7/22/14 6:49 am
To: info@make-a-patch.com
Good job thanks you. 🙂

Sent: 4/25/14 3:19 pm
Just got the patches in the mail. THEY ARE G-R-E-A-T!!!!!
Be Prepared to make more!!!
Buz A.

Sent: 3/27/14 9:25 am
To: info@make-a-patch.com
The patch looks great. If I want 3 more, what is the cost?
Christ S.

Sent: 3/13/14 10:32 am
To: ‘Make-A-Patch’
The patch is perfect! Thank you!!
Jullie C

Sent: 3/10/14 2:16 pm
To: info@make-a-patch.com
Dear Lynn,
Just wanted to give a big thanks to your company on the amazing customer service, speed, and quality of your product. This is the end product of what the graduating UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter class will be receiving.

They are going to love it. Again thank you.

Very respectfully,
1LT Matchey

Sent: 3/9/14 1:31 pm
To: info@make-a-patch.com
Lynn got the patches, Thanks a lot. I am going to keep your email. May have business for you in the future. Again Thanks

Sent: 2/18/14 11:35 am
To: Make-A-Patch
I received the patches today. They look great thanks. I know ill be ordering more of them. Steve N.